[Annozilla] Japanese characters are displayed successfully!

Katsuhiko Tsujino Tsujino.Katsuhiko at wrc.melco.co.jp
Tue Oct 25 20:02:00 EDT 2005


I found out that Japanese characters are displayed successfully,
if you change the argument type into "AString" instead of "string"
in the following two IDL files;

in nsIAnnotations.idl;
void postAnnotation(in nsIAnnotationMetadata metadata,
		    in AString bodyText,                  <= Here
                    in string encoding,
		    in string postServerURL);

in nsIAnnotationsInternal.idl;
void postAnnotation(in nsIAnnotationMetadata data,
                    in AString bodyText,                  <= Here
                    in string encoding,
                    in nsIAnnotationsObserver observer);

By those redefinition, you don't need tricky hackes that I have
reported in the previous mails.

I don't know whether there exists another definition where you have
to redefine to "AString".

HOWEVER, the Annotea server still replaces SOME of the Japanese
characters, where Zannot doesn't.

Dr. Katsuhiko Tsujino
Solution Technology Dept.
Advanced Technology R&D Center
MITSUBISHI electric corp.
8-1-1 Tsukaguchi-Honmachi, Amagasaki
HYOGO 661-8661, Japan  (FAX:+81-6-6497-7726)

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