[Annozilla] Some f the annotation icons are placed in the same position improperly.

Katsuhiko Tsujino Tsujino.Katsuhiko at wrc.melco.co.jp
Thu Oct 27 17:27:29 EDT 2005


When you add more than one annotations in one
HTML element (i.e., in a same line ), the icons
are not displayed in the correct position but
some of them crowd at the same position.

I have reloaded the annotations several times
after reloading the base document every time, and
found out that there seems to be a rule between
the sequence (order) of annotations in the
annotation list and the miss-placed icons.

The rule seems to say;

(1) for each annotation from the top of the
     annotation list;
(2) try to find the position from the head of the
     element specified in XPointer
(3) if there is another annotation (icon) already
     placed, stop there (with error?) and allocate
     the current annotation at the same place as the
     existing annotation.
(4) Otherwize, continue searching proper position
     until the end of the element...

When you reload annotations without reloading the
base document, there seems to be an additional line
in above rule, that is;

(1.5) if the annotation is already placed in the
     document successfully (without error in (3))
     during the previous reload, try next annotation.

In other word, if the annotations are aligned in the
annotation list in such order that "The upper annotation
exists later in the document", all the annotations are
placed correctly. And if "The upper annotation exists
earlier in the document", all the icons crowd in the
same position of the first annotation in the list at
the left-most position in the document element.

This observation may help you to eliminate this bug...

Dr. Katsuhiko Tsujino
Solution Technology Dept.
Advanced Technology R&D Center
MITSUBISHI electric corp.
8-1-1 Tsukaguchi-Honmachi, Amagasaki
HYOGO 661-8661, Japan  (FAX:+81-6-6497-7726)

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