[Enigmail] enigmail with portable gpg

Alan Yoder jayren at vistech.net
Sat Jul 5 09:02:15 PDT 2008

John W. Moore III wrote:
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> Alexander Dahl wrote:
>> Hi Alan,
>>> I've got an odd situation, the version of gpg I am having to use is 
>>> required to be on my usb u3 drive.
>> I use the portable version of thunderbird and that works fine with gpg
>> and enigmail. No need to use batch files or any self written scripts.
>> See: http://portableapps.com/support/thunderbird_portable#encryption
> Apparently Alan is required to use the version of GnuPG that is on the
> Enterprise supplied USB stick.  When Maxine & I developed the .bat File
> it was for use on a floppy drive inserted into an alien machine.  The
> primary reasoning was to utilize the native Command prompt screen on the
> 'host' PC in order to keep the GPG2GO package as small as possible to
> fit the floppy.
> Alan may not have the space or permission to install Haller's
> Thunderbird-Portable in addition to the version already installed.  With
> GPG2GO there was no graphical User interface and _all_ GnuPG functions
> had to be called from the command prompt.
> JOHN ;)
> Timestamp: Friday 04 Jul 2008, 16:32  --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
> Version: GnuPG v1.5.0-svn4754: (MingW32)
> Comment: Public Key at:  http://tinyurl.com/8cpho
> Comment: Gossamer Spider Web of Trust: https://www.gswot.org
> Comment: TokBox: http://www.tokbox.com/John234
> Comment: Homepage:  http://tinyurl.com/yzhbhx
> h7mkoY1HmM4XnYHA2bneR1QZhoqlBu6EBv5bOSTsedelo2yKyd3jmwkk/LQccQla
> beZCzf0MOCHBPV2fDdg/9ec7XjkqKLjZJ3Pk+rW/wUCJh89sp516K1lw1PNMBoRd
> SMNWDa0Q7plSwM6MA2LdlkhUzHjjRSKK1GMkYArWC6Kj+v8e6TfhsBrMT5xI5fW8
> h8QJC3oPne81oTgxllQvAGRjfKratXgsL6mEGflJXsRn4btkMP2Ijm3ecqmilqLW
> RF4oNlA3aw+sfxj0AaE+8U8QqdUncybuuNKJyDuqxv2c+CCRL59XYyTs44p60fc=
> =wE4J
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The version of gpg I have to use is the windows version of ggpg 1.4.9 
(precompiled for me)
It was not supplied on the usb stick for me.

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