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Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 17:16:01 PDT 2008

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Alan Yoder escribió:

> I've got the portable gpg installer, and have extracted that to g:\tmp\gpg.
> it created 2 directories, data and gpg
> so I now have g:\tmp\data and g:\tmp\gpg
> \gpg contains app and other.
> \data has an empty subdir in it named GnuPG

  Ok, data is where the gpg executable files, dlls, icons, etc should
go. And the keyring will be in the data folder. BUT... if you want to
use gpg for other things than using TB and Enigmail, you should place a
copy of the gpg set of files in data folder too, since we can't give
relative paths to a parallel folder... if it where a subfolder, that
could be done, but they are parallel... Also, I think you must install
TB portable first, and then install gpg portable. And after that,
replace the outdated gpg files with the newer you have (but don't
replace config files... just in case... or check the paths in the
portable gpg config file, if any, and use those path settings in your
config -if any- after you replace the files).

> Since I have to use the U3 version, where shall I place the gpg
> application files in order for thunderbird to access them with enigmail?

  I am not sure what does U3 means... I suppose it is some kind of USB
drive (maybe flash memory, maybe a disk...)

> I can't play around with the path, what I'm going for here is a fully
> portable solution.

  Yes, paths are "hard to deal" things, when even the drive letter is
going to change. But belive me, portable TB + portable gpg (for portable
TB) are fully portable solutions, I have been using them for months...

> The u3 version differs from the portableapps version.
> I can't have 2 versions of thunderbird on the same stick, and the u3
> version is already linked to the u3 control panel.

   Oh... now I know what a u3 USB drive. Can you install things in the
u3 USB drive? I mean, to put folders on it like you would do in a normal
USB flash memory stick? My USB flash memory stick is not smart, I
installed the menu for portable apps, and it checks for executable files
and adds them to its menu, which looks like the u3 menu. But it doesn't
do any sincronization, and of course, it can't replace the desktop
wallpaper etc...

   Ok, gpg IS portable by itself, *if I am not wrong*... so... let me
think about this... what if you put the gpg folder (I mean, the folder
you packed, not the one from gpg portable), keyring included, inside a
folder of TB for u3? then point enigmail to use that gpg.exe If the
config file of gpg (if any) there is no path for the keyring, it assumes
it is located in the same folder where the executable gpg.exe is
located... and since u3 Thunderbird should do the "magic" with changing
paths, maybe Enigmail will search in that relative folder now, and maybe
it can work... Before doing anything, do a backup, if possible...

  Please consider I have never used an u3 drive, and I am not an expert
about these things... I am just an user of portable apps which faced the
same problem a while ago (in my case, the problem was I wanted to use
gpgshell, which is not a portable app, it can be made portable, but I
wanted to share the keyring between portable TB and portabilized
gpgshell). But, again, I had a "dumb usb flash drive", not a smart one,
so things may be very different... So there is a risk of messing all up,
if you do what I say. So try to backup before you play with it... and
tell us what happens...

  Good Luck!
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