[Enigmail] New key

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Wed Jul 30 01:24:56 PDT 2008

People have heard me harp about the importance of being prepared for the
worst.  Prepare for your secrets to be exposed, your keys to be
compromised, your computer to be hijacked, etc.

It's not enough to just have thought about what to do.  You need to have
practiced for them, too.  For that reason, people may notice that
instead of my messages being signed with 0x5B8709EB and 0xFEAF8109, they
are now being signed with 0xFEAF8109 and 0xD6B98E10.

There has been no key compromise.  This is practice, that's all.  All
keys remain valid.  Let's not blow this out of proportion.  Thank you
all very much.  :)

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