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Daniel Clark danielclark591 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 05:48:11 PDT 2008

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Olav Seyfarth wrote:
> Hi Dan,
>> I just got my portable version of Thuderbird running with Enigmail and
>> I'm looking to see if I've got all the configurations set up correctly.
> I could get your key from my preferred keyserver without problems but your
> message does not verify. Enigmail / GnuPG yield BAD SIGNATURE. I'm not sure
> but from the space characters I see in your email source, I suspect this:
>   http://enigmail.mozdev.org/support/troubles.php#flowed
>> I currently use a Hush Mail account but I don't like that I have to log
>> on to their site or pay money to use the IMAP feature...  So anyways if
>> I can get this Thunderbird w/ Enigmail setup correctly I'm planning on
>> telling every single person I know how they can do it for themselves!
>> Thanks in advance for the help.
> Sure. But keep in mind that there is need to deal with key handling using
> GnuPG and Engimail. Hush Mail surely has its good sides for those that don't
> want to bother about key management at all.
> Olav


Thank you for that.  I also think that I composed the message in HTML
format (which I've heard might mess things up).  I've changed my format
to plain text and followed the instructions listed in the above
mentioned link; how's the signature now?  Thanks for your help.

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