[Enigmail] Small question about redistribution of enigmail

John Clizbe John at Mozilla-Enigmail.org
Fri Jun 13 22:04:16 PDT 2008

Faramir wrote:
>   Thanks for your reply (again, it arrives right when we are trying to
> decide about this subject). About the x.509 certificate, I got a free
> trial certificate from Comodo, so the https connections doesn't cause
> any "fake site" alert. But for email purposes, I am not so sure how to
> deal with S/MIME... well, if the subject turns to that direction (S/MIME
> instead of gpg) maybe I should move to pgp-basics list, in order to
> don't spam this list. I know gpg 2 has x.509 functions, but I have just
> 1.4.9 version, so I still don't know much about that other system...

How difficult do you want to make this?

Most modern mail clients and all browsers already have the infrastructure
built-in for S/MIME, TLS/SSL, and X.509 certificate handling.

Instead of gpg2, I think you're looking for gpgsm (which is included in the
GnuPG 2 package), even then you probably only need it on the server.

For an e-commerce site, you should only have to implement S/MIME mail
signing/encryption. The web part should be fairly cookbook.

You probably want GnuPG-Devel for gpgsm questions, not PGP-Basics

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