[Enigmail] honor-keyserver-url doesn't appear to work

John Clizbe John at Mozilla-Enigmail.org
Fri Jun 13 23:39:32 PDT 2008

Troy wrote:
> I seem to have run into a problem with --honor-keyserver-url

Yeah, looks like either a CKBI* problem or maybe an issue in GnuPG. Try
including it in gpg.conf along with any other keyserver-options.

It ain't automagic according to the man page:

                      When  using  --refresh-keys, if the key in question
                      has a preferred keyserver URL, then use  that  pre-
                      ferred keyserver to refresh the key from.  In addi-
                      tion, if auto-key-retrieve is set, and  the  signa-
                      ture  being verified has a preferred keyserver URL,
                      then use that preferred keyserver to fetch the  key
                      from.  Defaults to yes.

Maybe it once was a default behavior, but it doesn't appear to be in 1.4.9 and
later. Neither windows nor linux refreshed from the "preferred keyserver' until
honor-keyserver-url was included with the other keyserver-options.

Often if you wish an explicit behavior you must explicitly set it.

BTW, this is really a GnuPG config issue not an Enigmail issue. If you think
GnuPG's behavior is broken, post to GnuPG-Users or GnuPG-Dev.

FWIW, you should probably also update the keyservers as there is no guarantee
you can force others to obey this preference. I tend to turn it off since i have
a keyserver on my local LAN.

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