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Sat Jun 14 02:01:38 PDT 2008

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Robert J. Hansen escribió:
> John Clizbe wrote:
>> For an e-commerce site, you should only have to implement S/MIME mail
>> signing/encryption. The web part should be fairly cookbook.

  If web part means the certificate for SSL, yes, it was really easy

> Or, for that matter, do what professional ecommerce sites do: shrug and
> say "we're not going to worry about this, we're just going to put those
> mechanisms in place the credit card companies say we have to do."

  Our policy is: "let paypal take care about that". We don't really want
to have to answer difficult questions about security, so...
  About local banks and ecommerce, I would have to deal with
"transbank", but I couldn't find a clear policy, what I found was a
contact form to ask them to contact me (and their phone number, in case
I want to call them to ask details)... and since their policy is not to
talk with customers, just with institutions (the customer's bank, or the
store), I think they wouldn't like to hear "well, I am an student, and
this store will never actually sell anything".

> Part of good engineering is not making design decisions before you have
> to.  Making a commitment to a particular kind of ecommerce security
> solution before knowing what the real world uses for them seems to be a
> violation of this rule of thumb.  :)

  Well, the idea was to provide "secure" email communication with
customers, in case they need support, or something goes wrong. I am
using osCommerce, so I really hope the built in modules, or the addons
modules can handle the paypal integration. I just finished setting up
the sendmail feature, and I have not had time to test it.

  If I am going too much off-topic, please tell me, so I can stop...

 Thanks for the advices
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