[Enigmail] Moving per receipant rules

John Clizbe John at Mozilla-Enigmail.org
Tue Jun 24 12:44:27 PDT 2008

Olav Seyfarth wrote:
> Hi Sean,
>> I am moving from one laptop to another, what is the easiest
>> way to move my p-r rules as I have a lot of them
> they are all stored in one separate file "pgprules.xml" in
> your profile directory (on Win XP something like
> "c:\Documents and Settings\Sean\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\sean\").
> Just copy that file to your new laptop's TB profile. There are
> no paths in this file that would need to be adjusted. But all
> keys referenced there should be present in your new laptop's
> keyring as well ...

And the easiest way to guarantee that is to copy the three keyring files
(pubring.gpg, secring.gpg, trustdb.gpg) from one machine to the other.
Using Olav's example from above, they would go into
"C:\Documents and Settings\Sean\Application Data\GnuPG\". On *nix systems, the
default location is the much easier to type ~/.gnupg.

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