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John W. Moore III jmoore3rd at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 30 13:53:41 PDT 2008

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Faramir wrote:

>   I don't know what kind of ID document is both trust worth and commonly
> used in USA.

Easy frame of Reference: 2 pieces of Government Issue ID with Picture.
This includes all levels of Government; State & Federal.  Most U.S.
Citizens do not have a Passport but 96% have either a Driver's License
or State ID Card.  They may also have an Employer ID with photo but how
do You tell.  You don't know and this is currently a fiercely debated
Topic on the CAcert-Policy List.

My Opinion, You are /only/ Signing an OpenPGP Key so accept whatever You
feel comfortable with.  There is No Globally issued/accepted ID and I
pray there never is.  If You are that paranoid, A-S-K for whatever You
feel comfortable with and if You are denied feel comfortable with
walking away without exchanging Sigs.

B4 You Ask; what do I require?  Well, a 'Picture ID' I am comfortable
with.  I also do more than exchange business cards, slips of paper, etc.
 I require dialogs.  Talk to Me.  Who do We know in common?, How much do
You know?  I Ping Your Email address, if at a BoF Party, Who else is
there that I know and You know?  There is no R-U-S-H.

Here's a 'Deal Breaker!' - You are 'In a Hurry' cause I _never_ Sign
immediately unless it is a special occasion.  If You are asking for a
CAcert Assurance or a GSWoT Sig then I've got readily available Sources
of authentication.  If You're just a "Sig Fisher" then I've got all the
time in the World to feel comfortable.

Even if You Sign My Key then I am *not* obligated to Sign Yours.  It is
My Signature to give/issue.  I love Robert J. Hansen's analogy; Would I
loan You My car keys?  Chances are, if I wouldn't trust You with My
financial liability, I won't Sign Your key.

Timestamp: Monday 30 Jun 2008, 16:53  --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

P.S.  This is just ME.  Others May be 'round heeled' with their Sigs.
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