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Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Right, and this is my biggest problem with most forms of computer
> security.  Computers are nothing more nor less than phenomenally capable
> engines of mathematics -- but the average person cannot think
> mathematically.  Thus, rather than dealing with computers on the basis
> of facts and reasoned analysis, people deal with computers according to
> superstition.

All Computers are basically very large [comparatively] Calculators.  I
remember a High School Friend whose Father was a Southern Bell Attorney
and He had a prototype LED screen calculator that would only support the
functions of Add/Subtract.  Very nifty and fascinating.  Estimated cost
of the simple unit Jack Berry had was $600 in 1969.  Back then, when
students in High School had to think 'mathematically' the scariest thing
was a "word problem" on a Math Test.  The 'math' was easy but the
discerning of which words fit what part of the formula was where most
failed.  Math = Logic = Math.  The calculator has killed logical
thinking, IMlessthanHO!!  GIGO applies more today than I've ever before
seen. [GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out]

>> Certainly, if I go to USA, I would be carrying a passport, but I
>> don't know if USA citizens use to have a passport, if they have never
>> travelled outside USA.
> Only about one American in six has a passport.  Up until very recently,
> very few Americans needed one; we could travel in Canada and Mexico with
> just our driver's license for ID.  That meant we could travel from Guam
> to Maine, from the North Pole down to Cozumel, without a passport.  With
> that kind of access to the world, why bother filing for a passport?

Actually it is 1 in 7 as of February 2008.  Many in the U.S. can recall
last Summer when it wasn't gasoline prices that disrupted Vacation
Plans; it was not receiving Passports back from "State" in time to
travel to places that recently only required /any/ government ID
including a Voter Registration Card.  Even today, the vast majority of
U.S. Citizens do not require a $100 USD Passport.  The U.S. is larger
than Western Europe + the U.K. and You only need an ID when Your are
'stopped' for a traffic violation.

> I've held once since 1993, when I was an exchange student in Germany.

Do You renew it every 5 years?

>> I am not planning to go to USA, but... what ID document should I 
>> require in order to sign a key there?
> A passport is the gold standard.  In my experience, most people who
> attend keysigning parties will bring passports with them.

Only if they have one.  It really depends upon where the BoF Party is
held and the context.  In My experience, in the U.S. the most common
form of Government Issued Picture ID is the Driver's License/State ID
Card.  Due to the prevalence of 'Identity Theft' Warnings even those
folks who have Passports do not have them readily available; they are
stored in Bank Deposit Boxes or Home Fireproof Safes.  We are such a
'Free Nation' that We can travel 3000+ miles without having to display
an ID unless We run afoul of a traffic stop.

> You can require any form of ID you want.  Looking through my wallet, I
> see... two credit cards, a University of Iowa ID, an Iowa driver's
> license, my Association for Computing Machinery membership card, and an
> Iowa Permit to Acquire Pistols and Revolvers.  So that's three forms of
> government-issued identification (the University being government-funded).

Of Course, Student ID Cards are *not* acceptable for purposes of ID
'proof' by most Certificate Authorities. [i.e. VeriSign/Thawte, CAcert
and any other I can think of]  Institutional Funding is hardly p[roof of
Identity for all those who actually benefit from or spend the funds.
Neither is a picture ID on a Bank issued Credit Card.  These forms of ID
are far too easy to obtain with enough 'on deposit'.

> My own personal rules for identification: either a passport, or else two
> forms of government-issued ID which show your full name and have a
> photograph of you.

Riddle Me This, Robert; how do You handle the MN/MI issue and
designations of Title/Honor? [i.e. Dr., Esq., etc.]

My Personal 'Rule of Thumb' is that I will not issue an Exportable
Signature until I am comfortable that You are someone I'd be willing to
purchase contraband from in a poorly lit back-alley.  But now I'm
dealing with the WoT on a very practical level which is what 'Trust'
should be all about.  I have NO interest in 'Sig-Fishers' and I also
place more emphasis on 'Trust Sigs/Black Pencil Sigs' than on the common
variety.  But this is just My rule of thumb.

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