[Enigmail] Read encrypted mail saved in the "send" folder

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Fri Oct 14 11:25:25 PDT 2011

On 14 October 2011 14:19, Sébastien <tigresetdragons at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> I am trying to use enigmail.
> I see a problem :
> When I send an encrypted mail, it is saved in my "send" folder. If I want to
> remember what I wrote in this email, I can't read it because it's encrypted
> not with my public key but, obviously, with my recipient's public key.
> Is there an option to encrypt the send emails with my own public key ?

OpenPGP -> Display Expert Settings -> Sending -> Add My Own Key to the
Recipient List

You may have issues if you're sending from an account that doesn't
have a key set for it.  This is usually automatic as long as you have
a valid secret key for the email you're sending from.  Otherwise you
may need to plug in the keyid manually in Tools -> Accounts- > OpenPGP
Security (under the desired account).


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