[Enigmail] Hello, World!

Hank Gupton public at hankgupton.com
Mon Oct 24 10:05:27 PDT 2011

Just a thought here.  Did you notice the sign-off signature had a "dash,
space, dash" at the beginning of the line?  This is probably not what
was written.  The digital signature was made for the "dash, dash"
version of the email, but the email was modified (before sending, and
after digitally signing), thus invalidating the digital signature.  The
solution is to not use "dash, dash" at the beginning of a line. 
Instead, use "space, space, dash, dash", like I do, and it should work fine.

  -- Hank

"All generalizations are dangerous, even this one."

Wayne Ernst wrote:
> To Whomever Reads This,
> I'm a young guy who's just finished installing PGP/Enigmail, and I'm
> looking to make sure that I've done it right.
> Because of a lot of stuff that has been going on in my life involving a
> lot of mistrust- especially when it comes to e-mail and computers,
> lately- I'm trying to make sure I'm the only one sending and receiving
> e-mail correspondence involving my e-mail addresses. It would also be
> nice to know that me, myself, and I are the only people able to read the
> e-mails that I receive.
> I'm sure I'm one of a gazillion people doing this, but in the vein of
> all that, I need someone who is willing to help me test Enigmail and the
> way I've set up PGP/etc. If anyone is willing to help with that, I will
> be very grateful, and can only promise the fuzzy feelings that come with
> helping people out for no apparent reason.
> Thank you very much in advance!
> -Wayne

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