[Greasemonkey] webpage design and such

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Fri Apr 1 10:30:49 EST 2005

I'm just making an observation is all.

Look here: ("us")


And then here: (for example)


And then here: (for a nicer non-generic design)


And that last is a light/half-way decent design.
Some pages are really snazzed up.

I guess I just have this thing about "generic"-ism
and things looking better, if at all possible.

Plus, since I like Gm, I want it to shine
as much as possible in as many ways as possible,
and all that. (partly why I was pushing the logo thing)

Let us not forget that, although
"advertising/marketing/presentation" is not EVERYTHING,
it isn't _nothing_, either.
Or the advertising/marketing(/presentation) industries
wouldn't be the multi-billion dollar industries they are.

Again, just something to think about and consider, etc.

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