[Greasemonkey] I am now In Control !!

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Fri Apr 1 10:58:35 EST 2005

I have personally taken control over Greasemonkey and all it stands for. 
This includes all passwords and security devices for all official and 
unofficial websites throughout the World Wide Web and elsewhere. Anyone 
who attempts to regain control will see a big ugly picture flash on 
their screens for approximately 412,005 microseconds. (no, not a recent 
photo of my face or likeness thereof) A nominal user fee for 
Greasemonkey will soon be instituted, in the amount of a US$3 bill. An 
official press release will be sent out momentarily to all major and 
minor news organizations worldwide. Questions and inquiries may be 
directed to me, myself and I. Complaints will be Returned To Sender. 
That is all.

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