[Greasemonkey] Webster-say-word: new user script added

Prakash Kailasa pk-moz at kailasa.net
Tue Apr 5 09:07:04 EDT 2005

Hi all,

Nothing earth-shattering here, but I added a new user script to
Jeremy's list of scripts.

On webster.com/m-w.com, one has to click on the mic icon to hear the
pronunciation of a word (which opens a popup window). This script
changes it so that the sound file for the word is played when mouse is
hovered on the icon.

Available at:

As I said, nothing major here, but it made my 9-year old son's day,
who is preparing for a spelling bee. He got quickly tired of clicking
on the icon to hear the pronunciation. And, of course, Greasemonkey
came to the rescue.

My son was so excited, he couldn't wait for me to finish the script
and put it on the 'net.


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