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Michael Bierman greasemonkey at thebiermans.net
Tue Apr 5 15:07:14 EDT 2005

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From: Aaron Boodman

>> It's funny, I actually argued this exact same point when this idea was
first brought up to me. And I have come around.


The main benefit of the inline editor is that it's the fastest possible way
to just start hacking. An external editor, even prepopulated with the
template is one more application that has to open and one level of
indirection that makes it seem more complicated; clunkier. <<

We're talking about two different things here, aren't we?  If I need to make
a minor edit to an existing script, launching an external editor is as fast
as whatever editor the user chooses.  Notepad ( (or Textpad )(3.21MB) which
is what I use) launch in 1-2 seconds. If we're talking about helping someone
create a new script using some sort of skeleton template, it seems to me the
same is true.  I don't see how a GM editor is necessarily faster--it is more
than likely adding weight (lots of code and RAM) to do something that most
users will use only occasionally (compared to the number of times the GM
extension is used when viewing any web site).  Look at FF development--they
have paired down the Mozilla suite and said if you want a calendar, a
mailclient, and a browser, get them--but we aren't going to force them down
your throat.  If someone wants to make YAJSE (Yet-Another-JavaScript-Editor)
go for it!  But that should be separate from GM IMHO.  Moreover, people have
editors they like. Often they have ready-made "code snippets", contextual
color coding, yadda-yadda-yadda...Even if you created a JS editor, it would
be essential to allow people to use their own favorite editor.  At that
point, you might as well break off the JS editor into it's own project,
separate from GM.  (I'm not opposed to YAJSE, but I don't think it should be
part of GM!)

>>An inline editor is right there.  Also, you can do really neat things that
make it even easier for new javascripters, like intellisense/autocomplete
ala JS Console. (I can hear the groans now).<<


>> But you do make a good point. And the space concerns persist. I was right
in the middle of a horizontally layed out attempt. I'll try one that opens
an external editor/editor in it's own winodw. <<

That would be really helpful. Often people need to make minimal edits--at
least edit a path, or change an attribute like a color, etc. in a script. A
click-to-edit button would be cool indeed!


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