[Greasemonkey] Scripts that exist now vs GM scripts in future

Ron Jeffries rjeffries at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 20:24:08 EDT 2005

Someone commented that making certian information
in the header of a GM scripit MANDATORY would 
"break all existing GM scripts."

Guys, these are still VERY early days
the the GreaseMonkey era. Almost ALL
teh cool GM scripts have not yet been written!
There's still a (brief) window where some breakage 
(while a bummer) will not cause the end
of civilization as we know it.

Decide and make teh cahnge SOON. A year from now
we'll barely remember it as a tiny ripple in the ocean.

As to RSS feed for GM scripts, that idea is brilliant.
The code at a central directory to spit out RSS is
almost trivial. To me it's pretty straightforwrad:
when I change a script, and have it debugged,
I send it to one of a few trusted
GM script repositories, and
those sites generate RSS feeds that I can subscribe
in http://www.bloglines.com (or your favorite 
RSS aggregator/newsreader).

Ron K. Jeffries
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