[Greasemonkey] Goals for the user script directory (very long)

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 00:38:12 EDT 2005

Cool, do it!

A few comments:

> There'll be full text search (so you can see how people are using GM_*
> functions or find a script through a comment)

So will you cache a copy of the script or something? Seems messy.

>, there'll be header search 

As evan was saying before, this is hard to do perfectly and fast. But
you should be able to hack something that gets close. That should be
fun. Also, I still think this can be done with just delicious tags.

> Also, particular script versions will be available off of stable URLs
> on the directory.  

Why? If the author has updated, I think we should only offer that copy. 

> /root/namespace/userscript is current, then
> /root/namespace/userscript/20050110-164502 was the script as of that
> date and time (and it'll use the normal IETF/whatever date format, of
> course).  I dunno, maybe this isn't version 1 stuff, but I think it'd
> be useful to see evolutions or to have a stable pointer for some
> discussion and such.

This is what greasemonkey does to default those values:

* If there is no namespace, the namespace is the URL the script was
found at minus the leaf.
* If there is no name, the name is the leaf of the URL.
* If there is no description, the description is null.
* If there are no includes, the include is *.
* If there are no excludes, there are no excludes :).

And I think that the versions shoud just be numbers. Eg 1, 2, 3. :)
you could store the date with them for display purposes.

> @longdesc so that script authors could write a book (like this one!)
> about how great their user script is, and the directory would scrape
> this so that updated functionality just shows up in search.

Maybe we should just link to their webpage, as we do now.

> Goal 5 is a bit broader, but I'm pretty stoked to see user scripts in
> Opera and IE.  Safari already had Pith Helmet, and we apparently
> didn't inspire Opera, but I don't care.  I just want user scripts to
> be useful and for them to spread, so I'd like to do what we can to
> provide a home for user scripts in general, and help other projects
> that don't have mozdev and mozillazine to help them with hosting and
> community.  userscript.org will start out GM-only, but I hope that
> changes.

You could host a blog there to start. Perhaps just move the GM blog there.

> Of course I don't plan on doing all this stuff before putting
> something out there, and I hope you guys will tear it apart and tell
> me what I'm doing wrong, but this is the direction I'm headed.

Consider using existing services instead of building from scratch
where possible. Think about how to break it up into pieces to do
little by little. And to get something useful right away.

Sounds rad.

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