[Greasemonkey] Goals for the user script directory (very long)

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 10:44:23 EDT 2005

> I'm just not sure what the purpose of inventing a whole new way to 
> deal with what is, after all, a very common task in the browser
> world.  Your scheme doesn't seem to have any big benefits, and you're
> going to create a "barrier to entry" to everyone who expects scripts
> to work like every other add-on.

Wouldn't creating a new site with logins, comments, moderation,
versioning, etc, etc, etc be "inventing a whole new way.." ?

Anyway, the loose, distributed GM way of developing scripts has
yielded nearly 200 in what, a couple months? Compare to extension
room. Yikes.

>> So will you cache a copy of the script or something? Seems messy.
>How so?  Size?

I guess. it's just that full text search has sorta been done :) Wish
there was a way to use existing providers. If only f***ing google
would expose .user.js. :: sigh :: Delicious doesn't provide text

> interested in hearing arguments against keeping all versions

I really don't want people to think of user scripts as versioned
robust objects. Since they are inherently not. I think that doing what
you propse would encourage that. I guess it's a UI issue.

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