[Greasemonkey] Mark Pilgrim? Thanks for the script!

Tycho Quad tychoquad at yahoo.com.au
Sun Apr 10 00:53:07 EDT 2005

A little under a week ago, I installed Greasemonkey and went crazy 
installing scripts, one of the scripts I installed and really like, was 
Destroy Target. That got me thinking though, "What sort of situations do 
I actually WANT a new window/tab to open?" and I came to the answer, 
"When I visit a different site!" So I posted a script request in the 
Wiki asking for a script which would add target="_blank" to all links 
which link to a different page. Lo and behold, days later, Mark Pilgrim 
posts a script which does exactly that!

So, now to my question! Does anyone know how I would contact Mark? I 
want to thank him for the script and ask a few questions about it. Sorry 
if I took too long

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