[Greasemonkey] Lickr: Flickr, without the Flash

Neil Kandalgaonkar neilk at brevity.org
Sat Apr 9 19:02:34 EDT 2005

Lickr is a user script that modifies the photo hosting site Flickr. It 
replaces the Flash file found on every photo page with an equivalent 
browser-based interface.

I only mention this here because I bet it's one of the more complex 
Greasemonkey scripts ever. It's really a mini-application.

It has a pretty slick interface (especially the Notes) and implements a 
simple Flickr API using XMLHttpRequest.

See <http://brevity.org/code/mozilla/greasemonkey/lickr/lickr.user.js>.

And <http://brevity.org/code/mozilla/greasemonkey/lickr/> for more info.

Neil Kandalgaonkar
neilk at brevity.org | http://brevity.org/

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