[Greasemonkey] I want persistent data

Tony Chang tony at ponderer.org
Sun Apr 10 20:19:03 EDT 2005

On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 08:00:01PM -0400, Mark Pilgrim wrote:
> The minute GM gives me hooks to store stuff in the local registry
> (i.e. not cookies that will get sent to the server), I'm implementing
> browser stickies as a user script:
> http://www.clagnut.com/blog/1405/

I'm planning on extending webnote to do the same except store the data in
a central repository to make it social.  So it would be like wikalong[1],
except with notes rather than a sidebar.

One known problem will be how changing browser size or font size may
change page layouts causing notes to be "misplaced".


[1] http://www.wikalong.org/

Tony Chang

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