[Greasemonkey] setInterval Bug?

Dave Child dave at ilovejackdaniels.com
Mon Apr 11 14:48:03 EDT 2005

Hi all - loving GreaseMonkey so far - amazing stuff.

I am writing a user script and having a small problem. I've written and  
tested the JavaScript I want to use in a normal script file - no problems  
so far. I've then wrapped the script up as others have done.

The problem comes with the following line:

saving = setInterval('savedata()', 500);

If I replace that with the following, everything works (but without the  
delay, which I reckon is needed):


With the first line, every half second I get an error saying "davedata is  
not defined". It is defined - it works if I run the function without using  
"setInterval". With the second line, it works, but without the delay.

Anyone have any ideas?


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