[Greasemonkey] Additional metadata

Terry Lurie tezza2k1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 11:22:31 EDT 2005

> It occured to me that it might be useful for some script writers to
> have an @executebefore and @executeafter field.  This way if you have a
> script that's dependant on another you can be sure they run in the
> right sequence.

As long as it was made clear to people placing those tags in their
code that it would only be used as a suggestion to the end user.
> By the way I'm new to the list and as a programmer I only think
> of myself as an enthusiastic amateur, but I'm already learning a lot
> from using Greasemonkey and I've found it a very useful tool.

np. I personally have a Computer Engineering degree, program
Java/C++/Perl etc all day long for a living. But as far as
Greasemonkey is concerned, I'm reduced to a relative n00b because this
is all javascript/XUL/XPI/DOM and browser compatibilities. Don't
stress it. Computing is huge huge huge.

A problem I find is that I feel naked without debugging frameworks.
I'm looking to write those now. Anyone know of an online DOM map

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