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Michael Bierman greasemonkey at thebiermans.net
Wed Apr 13 10:52:47 EDT 2005

Very cute user script.  It would be cool if the resulting img had alt and
title text so people could a) know the original ASCII b) perhaps recognize
that the image had not been put there by the original author.


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On 4/12/05, Jeremy Dunck <jdunck at gmail.com> wrote: 

On Apr 12, 2005 8:44 AM, Amit Upadhyay <upadhyay at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://www.rootshell.be/~upadhyay/2005/04/smileyfy-is-here.html

Well, if this script gets popular, your provider is going to get slammed: 

var provider = "http://www.rootshell.be/~aurum/smileys/";

Thanks for the advice, I have updated my script, now it uses dataurls! I
have also removed l) as a smiley as they were mostly not intended in most of
the cases I came across them. Also the placement of images with respect to
surrounding text be better now. I have also tried using the click event
handler thing in Aaron's http://youngpup.net/userscripts/gmailto.user.js,
but it is not playing nice with gmail's rich text composer, so disabled it,
is it a known issue?

Anyways, please
<http://www.rootshell.be/%7Eupadhyay/2005/04/smileyfy-is-here.html> update.

Amit Upadhyay
Blog: http://www.rootshell.be/~upadhyay

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