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Michael Bierman greasemonkey at thebiermans.net
Wed Apr 13 11:27:20 EDT 2005

I got this error too and I had set my .js files to open in TextPad. (They
have the TextPad icon and open automatically with it when I double click. 
Strangely, after running .3a that association seems to have been lost and I
had to recreate it. Comments? Suggestions? 
Good news: Unlike .3, things seem to be working otherwise. (Scripts are
working etc.) 
XP SP2 FF 1.0.2


On 4/13/05, Ivan Shiel <ivan at barkingstars.com> wrote:

You need to change the default application that opens .js files.  Just
right click on a .js file in Explorer and click the Change button

Yeah, it caught me out too at first....

13 Apr 2005, 16:35, you wrote: 

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Aaron Boodman wrote:
> Please try it out.

The migration seemed to work fine, but when I try the "Edit" button I
get a popup error message from "Windows Script Host" 

     Script: (the one I'm editing)
     Line: 10
     Char: 3
     Error: 'document' is undefined
     Code: 800A1391
     Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

I'm running 1.0.2 on Windows 2K Professional. 

            -- Scott

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