[Greasemonkey] Long literal strings of html

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 21:40:39 EDT 2005

> 10 points to the first person to write a Greasemonkey script that
> successfully modifies its own source code at runtime.

Agreed. awessome. But...

> Actually, there is a way to get it working in Firefox. We rely on the
> fact that Greasemonkey works by injecting a <script> tag into the
> target page (Aaron, please let us know if this will change in the near
> future). We can then get the innerHTML of all <script> tags on the
> page, which happens to include comments. We can then look for specific
> template begin/end markers in these comments, and extract the template
> text that way.

Yes, this behavior should be considered "unfrozen" for the immediate future.

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