[Greasemonkey] HTML cleanliness and standards

Julien Couvreur julien.couvreur at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 22:55:39 EDT 2005

> > How do you sell this "proper markup" approach in an organisation like
> > MSN or Yahoo? What are the business incentives?
> Well this has the potential to digress into a long, painful
> permathread about tables-vs-css, semantic markup, XHTML, and all kinds
> of nasty stuff.  These discussions are what I miss the least since
> giving up blogging.  Best references are ...

I should have been clearer in my question. I know about the advantages
of XHTML+CSS approach and I do think it is being adopted.
But first, I would have expected sites like O'Reilly to lead the way.
And second the incentives you reference (bandwidth saving, easier
maintenance, faster load times) only go so far. You can make your site
work with half-baked structure and styling, but still lacking in the
quality of the structure. And semantic markup such as rel="license",
<address> or other microformats is even harder to justify unless it
actually gets consumed. But right now it doesn't (and GM scripts don't

Although Firefox's DOM really does make things nicer, GM scripting
feels a lot like screen scraping, and it's hard to see that


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