[Greasemonkey] HTML cleanliness and standards

Julien Couvreur julien.couvreur at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 23:48:09 EDT 2005

I totally agree, although I'm not sure how it's going to play out.
Netflix might want to offer that integration into Amazon, but is
Amazon going to accept it?

Greasemonkey is great at making this approach more popular, but I'd
think that Netflix or other company would not use Greasemonkey for
their implementation. They would probably implement an IE (or Firefox)
plugin from scratch, since the hooking of additional javascript into
the page isn't that much code.

In a way, advertisers will like it, as users will become more sticky
to their favorite service and will interact with them more (thus
creating more pageviews). On the other hand, they will hate it, as
users might leave Amazon through extra links created by the plugin,
rather the Amazon controlled links.
A number of rather simple integrations will work without changing the
webpages, but after that we'll need authors to embrace that approach
to make that approach work better (by embing little chunks of
semantic-rich information).

I agree with you that we should not be blocked by these uncertainties;
and instead keep moving ahead and enable those cool integrations. Many
will resist, but the steps we take to create great user-oriented
features can never really be taken back, however much fight some
people put (think VCR, Tivo,...).


I posted recently on the topic at
http://blog.monstuff.com/archives/000232.html (Open-ended links, link
re-writing and rich but loose service integration).

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