[Greasemonkey] revisiting metadata

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sat Apr 16 02:46:27 EDT 2005

I don't understand why some people are against
a metadata GmScript @Version value.

Gm has a version number.
Because versioning is important.

How else are people to know that there is a new
version of a GmScript? (like a bug fix, enhancement, etc.)
I've already been irritated by this.

Sure, you can put it in comments, but then one person
will do it one way and everyone else another way.
Consistancy is important as well.

Anyway, what if we added an @Version metadata value?
(or any other who-knows-what named values)

Will Gm blow up?  (or, hopefully, just ignore them)

If not, I will start putting an @Version metadata value in
all of my scripts so people can at least look at the one
they currently have installed for comparison.

(sure, you can always just install it anyway, but I can
easily make an automatic "script" that "scans the web"
and checks for a newer version and tells me,
similar to the Firefox Extension updater/checker)

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