[Greasemonkey] revisiting metadata

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sat Apr 16 12:55:03 EDT 2005

I think that's the best comment I've seen yet.

Again, just like Gm itself (and Firefox, etc.):
     "What version are you running?"

Although hashing is also a good idea for security's sake.

I suppose there's going to be some kind of
"Official Hash Database" that Gm will check to make sure
each script is a valid GmScript? (that could be an
interesting feature to make work well and quickly)

It would be nice to have a right-click or double-click or
a button that shows info about each script. Basically,
all of the metadata values, I guess. For non-programmers
who don't want to look down inside the JS code, they can
see the description and version and location of the GmScript.
Make it a little more user-friendly for users. I suppose
I could work on this if someone wants me to. What I want
to avoid is spending a lot of time on it, and then someone
deciding, "No, we don't want to include that functionality."

Mark Wubben wrote:

> The idea is to do versioning via hashes of the script. That said, it
> would indeed be nice to have a version in it, so you can easily ask
> somebody "what version are you using?".

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