[Greasemonkey] New User Script: post-interceptor.user.js

Prakash Kailasa pk-moz at kailasa.net
Mon Apr 18 10:43:45 EDT 2005

Here's a new user script I wrote that could be useful to web
developers. This provides functionality similar to TamperIE
(http://www.bayden.com/Other/) which works only for IE.

The script would be useful to do penetration and vulnerability
testing for websites.

The script intercepts POST requests resulting from the matched
pages, and displays a popup window showing all the POST
parameters that would have been sent to the server. Clicking
on the value of any parameter would enable the user to
edit/modify the value. User has the option of sending the
modified form, original form or cancel the submission

Available at:

It adds two menu commands to turn the interceptor on/off. I
would like that to be one command which toggles the
interceptor instead of the two separate ones (one of which is
always useless). I couldn't find a way to do toggle
commands. Any ideas?

Or, at least if there is way to unregister menu commands, I
could replace the enable command with the disable one
dynamically.  Aaron/Jeremy, do you think something like this
can be done?

Comments welcome.


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