[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey: an Historical Perspective

Matthew Gertner matthew at allpeers.com
Mon Apr 18 17:30:33 EDT 2005

Thanks, Jeremy. I would have been very annoyed if you had agreed with me! ;)

Seriously, I'm keen to become an active member of the GM community because I
do believe that something important is happening here. I've rarely been so
ambivalent about something. On the one hand, I've never felt so empowered as
a programmer. On the other hand, I want to make sure that we don't see this
as the be-all and end-all because all the things that are cool about GM
would be *so much cooler* if there were more structured content around to
consume. I'm thinking very hard about how we can accelerate this process now
that we have GM, so hopefully I'll have more to say about this soon.

Oh, and please try to work some more poultry-related aphorisms into your
reponse! :-)


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> > Hi,
> > Thought this might be of interest to some. I started out writing an
> essay
> > about how XML has totally failed in its original goal (so far), which
> was
> > mainly to provide technically sound underpinnings for an extensible web
> > before half-assed HTML-based methods got too much traction.
> Matt,
>   First, thanks for joining the GM list.
>   Second, I already read it, and meant to reply, but it was going to
> take me a bit to cook up something equally well-written, and well, I
> forgot to do that.
>   We disagree, but I'm sure it will be amiable.  :)
>   I'll try to get to it today.
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