[Greasemonkey] user defined Global functions

Michael Bierman greasemonkey at thebiermans.net
Mon Apr 18 10:17:41 EDT 2005

If there are global functions like string substitutions why shouldn't they
be part of GM itself?  Last time I saw the list it seemed like things most
scripts would need so why shouldn't it be part of GM? 


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From:  Matt Labrum

hmm I was wondering scince people are talking about adding normal
functions(functions we can easily do with normal javascript)  to Gm why not
make it so GM scripts can add global functions (any user script can call it)
then we could all put usefull functions into one userscript , insted of
defining them in everyscript we write.
Then add another meta data feild called @requirements then greasemonkey
could check wether those scripts which contain global functions are
installed if not ask the user if he/she wishes to install the required

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