[Greasemonkey] Ethical XMLHTTPRequest

Jeremy Dunck jdunck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 00:02:35 EDT 2005

On 4/18/05, Brady Joslin <brady.joslin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Pondering how to lighten the load on delicious and similar services, I
> remembered the reference to the Coral network on Greasemonkey's Mozdev
> page.  

How effective is this?  Anyone know?  I'm somewhat dubious that it
actually saves much... Any way to tell?

> This can (perhaps should) be a suggested methodology for retrieving
> data from sites where it is likely that your script will initiate
> significant traffic, especially if handed to the public.

Yes, may be useful to add to the authoring page, when solving problems
where performance and up-to-the-minute results don't matter so much.

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