[Greasemonkey] Ethical XMLHTTPRequest

Terry Lurie tezza2k1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 14:12:05 EDT 2005

> Okay... and what'll happen when we bring that network down? Will they
> be willing to invest in their network because Greasemonkey userscripts
> are causing so much traffic?

Okay I'm starting to see where this is going. Thanks Mark [Wubben].

The Ethical portion of the title hints at something else. Like not
helping Fur Companies, or trying to suggest blocking ads/links to Oil
trading sites. That confused me.

To put it in my vocabulary, this debate is about whether there is
danger giving n00bs some MyFirstTCPConnection functionality, and them
going crazy. Further, this could be on every page transistion. This
would create problems for the information sources, the freedom of
access to the information sources and the reputation of the DDoS
enabler: Greasemonkey and Firefox.

I have more to say, but I've finished my lunch break and no-one reads
overly long emails.

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