[Greasemonkey] ANN: Chicago Transit Authority map on Google Maps

Scott R. Turner srt at aero.org
Tue Apr 19 09:57:03 EDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Adrian Holovaty wrote:
> I put together a Greasemonkey script that adds a map of Chicago's public
> transportation system to Google Maps. Fun stuff!

First of all, this is a neat idea and just cool -- props to you

Second, I was thinking about how to do this without setting up a server
for the map tiles.  One solution (as Adrian notes) is to encode the
tiles into the script (with data urls, I guess?).  But that's going to
be kind of awkward.  Another possibility that occurs to me is to store
the map tiles locally on the machine where the script is installed and
fetch them with a "file:" URL.

That raises the question of whether there ought to be some sort of
standard support in Greasemonkey for "client-side script resources" of
that sort.  A standard place to store them, a standard way to install
them, maybe some Javascript functions to support them (e.g.,
GMfetchResource() or some such).  What do people think?

 		     -- Scott

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