[Greasemonkey] ANN: Chicago Transit Authority map on Google Maps

Scott R. Turner srt at aero.org
Tue Apr 19 11:43:04 EDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Jeremy Dunck wrote:
> Why is that awkward?

It offends my sense of elegance, if nothing else!  Hard-coding data
into scripts violates a long list of good software engineering
principles.  Of course, scripts are kind of hacky to begin with... :-)

But suppose that I encode enough Google Map tiles to cover a city at a
good resolution and stick them into my script.  That huge mass of
Javascript is going to get stuck into every page coming from Google
Maps.  That seems non-optimal to me.  Also, updating a tile or
customizing a script would then require installing an entire new

In general though, it occurs to me that script authors might want to
distribute other "resources" (e.g., a help page for a script) along
with scripts, and a generic and consistent way to handle this would be
a useful facility.

-- Scott

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