[Greasemonkey] Release Gm 3.0a

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 09:42:40 EDT 2005

It's actually not stable. A few bugs have been found (great! thats why
we decided to start releasing to the mailing list first).

* incompatibility with XHTML (yeah this is just a one line change)
* migration script screws up if you've already migrated by hand
* edit button does funny things on default windows installation

I think there was one other. I'm not on my main computer right now. I
really wanted to finish it up last weekend, but I got stuck on the
last bug. Spent the entire weekend trying to figure out how to
register file extensions from a firefox extension.

Turns out to be basically not possible. 

I have resorted to putting up a dialog warning windows users the first
time they try to edit in the interest of getting it out. Maybe tonight
I can scrape together a few hours and finish up 0.3b.

I'll release that to the list, follow up on the specific bugs that
people had found. If it goes well, maybe we can put it on the website
this weekend.


On 4/19/05, Matt Labrum <darktempler at gmail.com> wrote:
> when are you going to release GM3 onto the mozdez.
> Gm 3 seems fair stable to release onto the main site and it has the
> new fetures which I'm sure alot of Greasemonkey script devs dont know
> about yet.
> also check out my newest greasemonkey script for version 3  called
> Cskinner is lets the user define their own styles for any webpage it
> makes use of the new GM_registerMenuCommand ,GM_xmlhttpRequest and the
> new peristant data storage functions to write and store the users css.
> http://dt.x.xstreamhost.com/wordpress/cskinner/
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