[Greasemonkey] user script --> extensions

Neil Kandalgaonkar neilk at brevity.org
Tue Apr 19 12:49:50 EDT 2005

Aaron Boodman wrote:

> I think that extensions are just too heavy weight and cumbersome for
> what I want to create userscripts  to solve. The difference is not
> huge, but it's there, and significant.

Oh yeah. GM has enabled a new class of authors to extend 
Mozilla/Firefox. Three lines of javascript and BAM!

I'm not yet sure if there's an audience for an extension-izer... I might 
try turning Lickr into an extension, just to see.

I've wanted to do Mozilla extensions for years. Just never had the steam 
to do so until GM came along.

Neil Kandalgaonkar
neilk at brevity.org | http://brevity.org/

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