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Matthew Gertner matthew at allpeers.com
Wed Apr 20 15:04:02 EDT 2005

Personally I'd love to see a unification of GM scripts and extensions. One
reason is that there are currently so many things about scripts that I wish
applied to extensions, and vice versa. As far as extensions are concerned,
the biggest problem is that you have to restart Firefox when you
install/update/uninstall them, which I consider to be THE WORST THING about
Firefox. The fact that you can install a GM script and run it immediately is

Another consideration is that the kind of plugin functionality that GM
offers would be useful in many other extensions. I was thinking about adding
this to my Scrumptious extension so that people could add their own logic to
import tags from places I hadn't thought of (e.g.
Basically I think it would be cool to be able to create lightweight
extensions that are designed to enhance the functionality of other
extensions, and to base a future version of GM on this architecture.

So what I am saying is that GM shouldn't be changed a whit. What needs to
happen is for the Mozilla crew to integrate the best things about GM (single
file support, no need to restart, etc.) into the extension mechanism. I
wonder if there's anyone on this list who could liaise with Mozilla on this
issue (assuming, optimistically, that anyone agrees with me). For what it's
worth, I've spent the last two years building an open plugin architecture of
this type, so I have a lot of ideas about how to accomplish this.


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> On 4/19/05, Neil Kandalgaonkar <neilk at brevity.org> wrote:
> > > I think that extensions are just too heavy weight and cumbersome for
> > > what I want to create userscripts  to solve. The difference is not
> > > huge, but it's there, and significant.
> >
> > Oh yeah. GM has enabled a new class of authors to extend
> > Mozilla/Firefox. Three lines of javascript and BAM!
> >
> > I'm not yet sure if there's an audience for an extension-izer... I might
> > try turning Lickr into an extension, just to see.
> I'd like to use it to turn Butler into a customizable extension.
> (Yes, I've seen http://www.customizegoogle.com/ , which is a cool way
> of getting around the fact that GM is single-script limited.  I still
> want a local GUI.)
> > I've wanted to do Mozilla extensions for years. Just never had the steam
> > to do so until GM came along.
> Ditto.
> GM obviously fills a niche.  Let's keep it there, then make other
> tools that help people climb out of that niche as the need arises.
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> Cheers,
> -Mark
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