[Greasemonkey] When is a user script too complex? (was: ANN:Chicago Transit ...)

Matthew Gertner matthew at allpeers.com
Wed Apr 20 15:10:46 EDT 2005

The Extension Builder Extension made me very angry because it hosed all my
open tabs (i.e. all the stuff I had queued to read over the past 3 days)
when I ran "Reload all chrome" (which otherwise looked like the most
interesting feature it offers). Overall it underwhelms. Totally agreement
that building extensions is way too fiddly right now, but if this is the
state of the art then... ack! 

I've actually give a lot of thought to this
(http://www.allpeers.com/blog/?p=97), and I'm planning to create a
rudimentary version of my dream IDE in the hope that other people will be
motivated to help me flesh it out. Also, I want to learn more about GM
internals so I'll probably write your GM -> extension converter if no one
beats me to the punch. It'll take me a couple of weeks though (programmer's
estimate = multiply by X) since my list of side projects is growing. If
someone else is working on this or planning to do so, please let me know so
we don't duplicate work.


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> On 4/19/05, Steve Krulewitz <shooz at mm.st> wrote:
> > In the short time that Greasemonkey has been around, we've seen more
> > user scripts created than Firefox extensions (well, that's just a guess,
> > but it is probably true).  This, of course, is due to the low barrier of
> > entry for creating a user script.  Should we not give people the tools
> > to support advanced features when their user scripts grow in complexity?
> Rather than build more and more extension-like functionality into GM
> itself, I would strongly support some sort of (separate) migration
> tool that helped you convert a user script into an extension.  Someone
> hinted in another thread that such a tool might already be in the
> works.
> There is already the Extension Builder Extension to help build an
> extension from scratch (it has a GUI for the RDF files, and it shells
> out to a zip program to package it all up).  A GM-specific derivative
> of that shouldn't be too difficult (he says blithely ;-).  I have no
> experience in such things but I would be happy to test/document/etc.
> > That said, I think I'm in the "a user script must be a single file"
> > camp.
> +1
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> Cheers,
> -Mark
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