[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey: a futurist perspective

Neil Kandalgaonkar neilk at brevity.org
Wed Apr 20 10:44:47 EDT 2005

Matthew Gertner wrote:

> The
> problem is that when something is as cool as GM, people have a tendency to
> see it as the be-all and end-all,

I think I agree more with you today than yesterday.

I was pooh-poohing the idea that people would want to standardize on GM, 
but a professor just emailed me asking how he could convince his IT 
department to adopt a pro-user-script policy, and install a <div> into 
their sites as a permanent hook for his GM scripts.

I guess because GM is here today, to some, it looks like the prototype 
for the new era.

That seems crazy to me. On the other hand, GM is the only thing out 
there that works today -- any other dream of a user-manipulable web 
seems pretty far off. So, never say never.

Neil Kandalgaonkar
neilk at brevity.org | http://brevity.org/

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