[Greasemonkey] Re: Support request -- Greasemonkey doesn't work for me

Frederick Turner fturner1997 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 14:48:17 EDT 2005

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, "Scott R. Turner" <srt at aero.org> wrote:

>On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Frederick Turner wrote:
>> I'll try this; that may help out. I've tried disabling Proxomitron
>> (and was met by a flurry of ads and pop-ups -- I'd forgotten how ugly
>> the web has gotten :) ), but there was no effect.
>Frederick --
>Try opening the Javascript console (under the Tools menu) and see if
>you're getting any errors.

I'm getting tons of errors. Every page that I open gives me the
following error, even though I've disabled Proxomitron and uninstalled
it from my system:

Error: syntax error
Source File: http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en&tab=nw&ned=us&q=
Line: 271
Source Code:
<html><head><title>The Proxomitron Reveals...</title>

But when I disabled Greasemonkey, the errors stopped appearing! So it
appears there is some conflict within GM which may be stopping it from
working for me.

Any ideas?

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