[Greasemonkey] Gmail problem

Jeremy Dunck jdunck at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 15:00:53 EDT 2005

On 4/21/05, Michael Bierman <greasemonkey at thebiermans.net> wrote:
> Is anyone else having problems with GM (.3a)  and Gmail? When it is active,
> gmail (and Firefox (v 1.0.3) lock up. When I deactivate it everything's
> fine.   I've disabled google related scripts that would be likely suspects
> like http://www.customizegoogle.com/ (i'm running .9) 

I'm running .3a and 1.0.2, and gmail, and no trouble.  I'm on Windows
2000.  You?

I'll upgrade to 1.0.3 and see if that changes anything...

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