[Greasemonkey] Porting to Epiphany

Adam Hooper adamh at densi.com
Wed Apr 20 11:49:52 EDT 2005


I'm an Epiphany[1] developer who has a nasty habit of stealing Firefox
extension ideas. Greasemonkey has lately caught my eye, since I'd really
like to fix broken web pages once and for all. And it seems logical to
use the same framework as Firefox, so all Firefox Greasemonkey scripts
would work with Epiphany.

I don't think I'd have any trouble code-wise, but I'm slightly worried
about licensing issues. Epiphany extensions must be licensed under the
GPL. I've searched for Greasemonkey's licensing terms on its website and
in its source code, but I haven't found any. How is Greasemonkey
licensed? Would it be okay for me to write a version for Epiphany in C/C
++/Javascript under the GPL, using the Greasemonkey source code as a

Also, I don't want to inspire any negative feelings. If one of the
Greasemonkey developers doesn't want me to do this port -- for any
reason whatsoever -- please let me know.

Please CC me any responses, as I'm not subscribed.

[1] A Mozilla-based web browser.

Adam Hooper <adamh at densi.com>
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