[Greasemonkey] hello

Greg Taff greg.taff at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 10:43:38 EDT 2005

I found out about grease monkey a few weeks ago and this stuff is
crack.  Im working on two scripts right now.  One modifies google
cache pages in order to make the first instances of your highlighted
search terms into links to the first actual instances within the
cached document.  The first then links to the second etc.  Useful for
ENORMOUS documents ;)  Its almost done.

the second is a working draft for an editor of sorts.  It gives you a
textarea that has the contents of the body tag loaded.  handy for
viewing source but also allows you to modify any site you surf to. 
kind of a neat way to 'greasemonkey' on the fly.  If anyone is
interested in either script let me know.

In any case, i read in the archives that someone brought up the GM
homepage @ mozdev - site design etc.   Id be interested in working on
a design in my spare time.  dunno who the people to contact about this
would be so i guess you may contact me?

your friend and mine

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