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Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Sun Apr 24 16:00:21 EDT 2005

Julien Couvreur wrote:

>On 4/24/05, Nikolas 'Atrus' Coukouma <lists at atrus.org> wrote:
>>I think the simplest solution would be to add a select element for, um,
>>selecting the target format. You could also try looking for keywords in
>>the page to guess the correct format (bb, wiki, html, etc.).
>Sounds good. Can you persist that info for that specific textarea into
>a cookie?
You probably want to store the value as a string using:
GM_setValue(name, value)
GM_getValue(name, default)

I'd include the domain name as part of the name (e.g. 
"foo.com-editMode", "wiki")

See the authoring page for more info

-Nikolas 'Atrus' Coukouma

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